diamond appraisal

UNIT CELL - Smallest unit of mineral which maintains the chemical / physical / optical property of the whole [diamond] (18 carbon atoms).


Fun TIP: Unit cell so small diamonds not called diamonds but made up of same property of diamonds.


  • CHRYSTALS - Are composed of regularly stacked unit cells. *When stacked together forms 1 chrystal.
  • AMORPHOUS,- has no ordinary arrangement of unit cell. <Example opal, and natural glass.> - still called mineral.
  • MINERAL - Inorganic and Naturally Occuring, has chemical composition, usually arrangement of atoms.
  • ROCK - Consolidated aggregate stacked together of 2 or more minerals.
  • Fun TIP: Diamond not a rock. A rock is small minerals -> lapis, pyrite, calcite, lazulite - grows together.