diamond appraisal

Chrystal Structure.


Cutting Process


History of Diamond Cutting


  • Romans used diamonds as graving tips, but didn't polish chrystal.
  • Ancient Hindus did not alter natural chrystals
  • Cleaving/rubbing TWO diamonds together were earliest fashioning process.

    • Polishing - Began approximetely 1300.

    1). Scaife - Polishing wheel introduced around 1400.

    2). Major Cutting Centers: Antwerp <1450> and Amsterdam <Late 1500>

    • Sawing - Began in 17 TH Century, using iron wires and diamonds dust made into oils.

    1). 1820's Human power replaced by horse

    2). 1840's Steampower Scaife and Bruting

    3). 1890's Mechanical dop incented

    4). Early 1900's Electrical power, and rotary saw invented. Made out of copper.

    5). 1970's Piermatic machines developed by DE BEER'S


                    Important People

    A. HENRY MORSE - A Boston diamond cutter who developed by trial and errors to make attractive proportion by 1880 (Pioneer).

    B. MARCEL TOLKOWSKI - Published diamond design in <mathametician>

                 1. Calculated angles and proportions for best brilliancy and dispersion.


                   Table: 53%

                   Crown Angle: 34.5 %

                   Pavilion Depth: 43.1%