diamond appraisal

Fancy color diamonds

A diamond color example green, expect for yellow, brown, and gray except post Z grade (before Z ) grade in which diamonds are considered fancy colors after the Z grade which starts from D - Z (D being white Z being light yellow).

Color Cause -

* Selective Absorption

(1). Trace Elements <Nitrogen, Boron>

(2). Structural Crystal distortion <twinning> (causes red, or brown colors)

(3). Natural Irradiation <green>

    Orange-yellow- equal amount of orange and yellow

    Orangish -orange dominant color

Diamond Price diamond that is treated depends on appearance after treatment goes for example 50 dollars natural AND 2,050 TREATED  per carat.

Fun TIP: Fancy color stone color of stone most important. (saturation).

*Price between natural, and treated diamonds significant difference.


Yellow => Brown => Gray => Orange are common

Light blue => Green => Medium Blue => Purple/Pink =>Red (VERY RARE)

Fun TIP: Fancy look at tone and saturation and set standards between 1-4

1 Being Fancy Light

2. Fancy yellow

3. Fanbcy intense yellow

4. Fancy Vivid yellow


1)IA-color caused by nitrogen in aggregate/cluster(capedia.)\

2)IB-NITROGEN IN SUBSTITUTION "carbon atom" -.1% of whole diamond is substitute by nitrogen.

-1% of all diamonds (canary diamonds) Fancy colors.

3)IIA-colorless diamond 99.98%-carbon-

4)IIB-Diamond which contains "BORON" - Blue Diamond