diamond appraisal

    Fracture Filled Diamond - (ENHANCEMENT) - To help stones apparent grade. This doesn't stay in the diamond forever.

<Introduced 1987>


Filled Material - use glass and lead.

Diamonds R.I. Refractive Index - 2.417

Glass Refractive Index - 1.45-1.70

Glass and Lead Refractive Index - 2.10

Fun TIP: Lower Refractive Index see through material better. Does not get better clarity grade.

   WHY Fracture Fill?

  • Improve appearance and salability.
  • Makes a sizeable diamond

    more affordable.

    Approve apparent


       WHAT CAN be filled?
    • Beardings
    • Feathers
    • Laser drill holes
    • Sometimes a Knot
    TEST                                   RESULTS

    Ultrasonic                            no effect

    Steaming                             no effect

    Sudden cooling                    (185 degrees Celsius)

    Setting                                 no effect

    Torch                                   Will effect filled damage

    Boiling Acid                          Will effect filled damage

    Repolishing                           Will effect filled damage 


    Flash Effect - Show two different colors when stone is viewed in different positions.


    Dark Background - Feature shows orange or yellowishorange into BLUE

                                                       Purple or pink                  into green, yellowishgreen


    -Iridescent color - Rainbow of colors seen in feather when more colors are seen when viewed show filled.

    -Glass Bubbles - Usually big inclusion when stone is filled.

    -Crackled Texture - Tip of Filling gets cracked (becomes transparent).