diamond appraisal

  Physical property.  -   Hardness, Toughness, Stability.


Topic : Optical Properties


1. Brilliance, Dispersion, and Sintillation.


Fun TIP: Reflections bounce off stone. Reflection goes into stone and bounces back to you.


-Light => ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM. <All forms of radiant energy>


lights dispersion include rainbows of color white light and causes dispersion.


-Visible light => 400 nanometers - 700 nanometers  

1 nanometer = 10 anxshrum. Example a short wave of light in the center is the visible light of diamonds nanometer between 400-700.


Light => 186,000 miles a second


and light travels in wave like motions.


-Refraction - Abiity of gemstone to slowdown and bend light.


-Refractive Index - (R.I.) Speed of light in air vs speed of light in gem. Diamond is in the center 77,000 vs 186,000


Measures ability of gem to slow and bend light.


R.I. - 2.417 for diamond


Ruby - 1.77 (R.I.)


Emerald - 1.57 (R.I.)






*Total Reflection => A light reflects twice and exits.


Fun TIP: If the diamond is greesy, cavity light scatters. It also effects light reflection.


*Light Leakage => Planned light leakage : Light leaves from crown. Top.


*Unplanned light leakage => Light leaves through pavillion. Bottom.