diamond appraisal

1.) 10x-60x

2.) DARK FIELD ILLUMINASTION & overhead lights


*Flourescent u.v. FREE light


*White light used to check colors.


Chrystal System-


  • How many carbon items is in a <UNIT CELL> Answer 18<it's the basic building block for a mineral
  • Atoms- basic building block for elements
  • Amorphous- Without form
  • Hardness
  • Toughness
  • Stability


Cleaving plane- 4 planes- octahedral plane

6 planes - dodecahedral plane (softest plane and best polishing.

3 planes- cubic plane

Cubic plane- best sawing 2nd best polishing

Planes- cubic has 3 planes because 6 faces parallel to each other form 3 planes.


Octa               Cubic                                             Dodeca


8 faces           6 faces                                           12 faces


4 planes          3 planes                                           6 planes


*-Cleaving      *-Best Sawing                           *-Best Polish Softest


-Trigons       -Second easiest polishing                            -Groove



*Find Planes by locating growth marks


TRIGON - Triangular depression from surface

Cubic - Square or rectangular depression

Groove- Parallel Depression




Clarity characteristics Only


1.) Inclusion

2.) Blemishes


MACLE- twin crystal triangular outline and features.

Specific Gravity - 3.52

Relative Density - 4.17