diamond appraisal

               To become familiar with diamond price

Work in the jewelry


  • Know the kind or quality of goods your store handles/also competitors
  • *Gain direct experience in buying
  • Know your suppliers' grading system
  • Be able to grade diamonds.
  • Interpret price guides
  •                 Price Quotations.


    1. To the public - tell the stone price
    2. To the trade - "price per carat"

                    Prices for upgraded goods

    1. Parcel Price - Per Carat Price for entire parcel



    Fun TIP: Small stones usually in parcel paper.


         2.   *PICK PRICE - Higher price per carat if you pick from parcel. This is the highest price.

         3.    STRAIGHT CUT - Quantity you need is separated out without assessing qualities based on parcel price.


    *Largest price difference for color break between F color and G color grades.


    *Typical MAKE - Often quoted on price lists, prices usually based on class 2 stones (one worse than class one) stones (diamonds).