diamond appraisal

Prices - (*PRICE WISE less than colorless or same or more)

- ALL Prices are related to rarity

    -Less than colorless: Browns,yellows,orange, reddish brown

    -More than colorless: Light blue,many pinks, pink/purple.


    -Most valuable: Medium to Dark, vivid blues, deeper greens,red, and purple


    Treated Diamonds - HEATED OR ANNEAL to stabalize color


Process => Irradiation => Heat (Anneal)

                    <change>   <to make it stable>


Fun TIP: A sasnometer is a meter of absorption line.


    Devices -

  • Cyclotron -
  • a) Shallow penetration (cetain areas only)

    b) Can treat only a few stones at a time.

    c) Possible visual effect. *CHEAP AND COMMON DEVICE*


        2. Nuclear Reactor -

    a) Through penetration

    b) Can treat many stones at once (rough/ and cut material)


        - No Visual Effects on loupes and Eyes.-

    *MORE expensive and less common, compared to cyclotron.


           3. VAN DE GRAFF.

    This is a Generator-


    a) Electron Bombardment

    b) Produces blue stones (no element Boron)


           4. X-RAY - Produces temporarily color changes.


    Coated diamonds - Using transparent or like a plastic wrapped around the stone to get a stone a higher color grade. (colorless coating).


    Iridescent Sheen affect - causes iridescent sheen (lack of transparency)