diamond appraisal


1. Improves proportion

2. Modernize old shape

3. Repair damage stone

4. Improve's clarity only if inclusion is near surface, rarely clarity can be lowered after recutting.

5. Color rarely affected

- More brilliance

Fun TIP: Australia most Gem Quality diamonds are best

              Namibia percentage wise produce most gem quality diamonds

Fun TIP: Diamond Simulants (look a like's )

oldest simulant is colorless sapphire

*Synthetic Moistanite doesn't react to diamond tester, it says it's diamond however has no indication it's properties are diamond.


Fun TIP: (1954) General Electric - First Company to make synthetic diamonds (Man Made Diamonds For Industrial USES DETECTABLE by USAGE MATERIAL) used in industrial quality.

Fun TIP: (1970) Same Company - First Gem Quality Diamond that costs 29,000 times more to make a x+1 crystal, diamond shows two different grades of color by the color zoning growth marks. Considered synthetic diamond.

-SumiTOMO Electric (JAPAN) 1985 - heat sinks (.10-.40) => $60-$145, INDUSTRIAL QUALITY) dissolves heat cools down quickly.

Fun TIP: Real Pearl about 50-60 times more expensive than cultured pearls.

-Yellow J.K.L. and fancy color diamonds in 1980's yellowishgreen,greenishyellow now can make better colors and bigger synthetic diamonds.

Fun TIP: Definition SEA CRYSTAL- is DIAMOND or FLUX.

DE BEERS 1970's Synthetic Diamonds for research used only!